Point Break [2015] 4K Blu-Ray Review


So lets start this off and say if you saw the original Point Break when it came out it doesn’t matter. Even beyond that, you are old, but don’t worry so am I. Now that we got that out-of-the-way and it is clear we are on the same page.. About this movie…

Well to be honest I didn’t see this in the theaters. When it came out, I remember wanting to go see it but something happened and I probably got distracted, so I was more than ready for it this time. As I sat in my home theater room with a beverage in hand waiting to be entertained… I felt my anticipation building. Hey this movie is gonna be in 4K so that means it is starting in a good place right?

So as I got comfy the movie starts, I found myself immediately drawn into the beautiful world of an extreme athlete. When I say beautiful, man, It looked stunning. First thing I thought, I don’t think they shot this with a camera phone. The vistas were amazingly clear. I had to stop the movie for a second to go get a broom because I thought for sure that my viewing area would need a sweep after the desert scenes.

It is always a good sign when you are watching a movie and you feel like you are right there with them doing whatever they are doing. I felt I was right there with them, until they starting riding on the razers edge. Then I was like, nope I am in my house, yup I’m on my theater chairs and need to tilt my seat back some more. These guys were doing some superhuman feats  and I thought to myself wait, what is this movie about again? Is this Avengers: Rise of Johnny Utah?

An extreme athlete Johnny Utah after a significant tragedy in his life decides that he has had enough and goes and joins the FBI. Seems plausible… I remember I got stung by a bee once and I thought to myself I should rid the world of these  bees or something.. So it made sooo much sense his first job as an agent is to go infiltrate an organized extreme sports Robin Hood gang. Wait, um, what? What a coincidence that you have just the right set of skills for this. (I’m gonna stop analyzing plot points and get back to the experience… But wow)

Every scene of the movie seemed to be more detailed than the last. It was really shot well. The water scenes that I’ve seen in other movies sometime get cloudy and somewhat pointless because you can’t see anything so you are forced to fill in the blanks yourself. It really worked  well here as the shots helped introduce our characters and their motivations.  The sky diving and mountain scenes continued to highlight what the central point of the film.

The depth and color in 4K seemed to help raise the “watchability” of this movie. (yeah it’s made up word but you know what it means immediately.) The Sound was on target as well and didn’t distract in anyway from the film. But as with all action films, random love stories can distract but hey, she was 4K hot so who’s complaining? Well I am but I got over it quickly.

Look, I hint above that I might not actually like this film and I really didn’t know what to expect with the old one kind of vaguely lingering in the back of my mind. Remakes rarely do the originals justice but it helped that I had really forgotten much of the last one, so I was watching this one like it was the original. It was an entertaining movie overall. As with all action flicks you have to suspend some disbelief and sometime A LOT of disbelief. When you see someone steal millions and then give it away, you are like fool I got bills over here what are you doing? Do you need my address? Cause I take PayPal !! (excuse me, I digress)

All in all a decent film which was visually amazing with solid sound to match. If you are going to watch it, do it in 4k or all the things that make this movie “Good” will start to disappear and then you are left trying to figure out how these super elite criminal masterminds  got this close with an FBI Agent in the first place?!?!

The film asks us to “Find our Breaking point” and that was just about where mine was…

Onsite out!!