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PlayStation Move Motion Controller Launch for $100

So Sony has finally entered the motion wars with Nintendo. ( I am sure under $100 means $99.99 MSRP). Seriously , is it called PlayStation Move.

GDC 2010

ony just officially announced the PlayStation Move motion controller at GDC 2010, calling it the “next generation of motion gaming” because it’s so precise — latency is about the same as the DualShock 3. As expected, it uses the PlayStation Eye camera to track the controller, and Sony says it becomes an “extension of your body.” The plan is not only to engage casual gamers, but to use the precision of the controller to create “new experiences for core gamers” — many of the demo videos we saw involved using a controller video in each hand, and there were quote a few demos of action / RPG games. We also saw a demo of Move Party, which uses the camera to do augmented reality gaming and video chat. The demos are pretty impressive — Sony’s not kidding when it says the Move is incredibly precise.

Via Engadget

So the fight is on to topple Nintendo and the Wii with motion controlled games. I wish Sony Well, But entering a year were the Wii will hit $150 probably by Christmas and a PS3 with motion controls will still $399. Its going to be tough, let see how Microsoft will make its mark with Natal and if Nintendo will make improvements with motion plus

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