PlayStation 4 Here I Come….

PS4-pic[ad#ad-1]As a kid, I bought game consoles, one after the other starting with the NES at the age of 12. I saved Five bucks a day for A LONG TIME. Historically speaking, I’ve had a habit of choosing the wrong side of the gaming fence, going almost exclusively with Sega, from Genesis on. My last console was the Sega Saturn. Life eventually got in the way (when I discovered girls!) and I sorta slowed down the game buying.

A year and a half ago, I picked up an Xbox 360. My brand loyalty played into it a little, I am a Microsoft Certified Professional, and Sony had recently had some cyber break-ins… Plus I wanted the Kinect for the kids. I had been quite happy with my 360, and in fact still am. My brand loyalty is out the window though.

With the recent unveilings of the Xbox One and the PS4, I’ve decided to change my allegiance, as far as video gaming is concerned. I will admit, the Xbox One has some neat features, what with controlling the TV and movies and all, but frankly I’m rather happy with how I watch TV and movies. It’s worked very well for me for the last ten years. I don’t need Microsoft stepping in.

I’m also not thrilled about the Kinect AND the internet being a requirement! For argument’s sake: MAYBE the rumors of Microsoft turning off movies when too many people are watching AREN’T true… Well good! But I ask, have you ever heard of a Microsoft product being hacked? Yeah, me too. I don’t need bored 13 year olds, hacking my system. I’m not too concerned with them watching me via the Kinect, because frankly, you REALLY want to see me sitting in my shorts, pounding beers, eating chips and playing video games, more power to you… But a constant internet connection opens a door that I don’t want there.

I’ve also enjoyed my Game Fly account to great extent, and I’d like to continue to do so. I buy games at GameStop, and I’d like to continue to do so. I don’t need my TV experienced enhanced at the expense of my gaming experience.

Xbox: Do it first, or do it best. Frankly, my TV has worked fine for many years, and I’m not interested in a faster switch over from game to TV for $500, or your money grubbing by disallowing the sharing of games, or the (possible) hosting of movie events. I’d much rather have a company focus on GAMING for $400.

Playstation, here I come.