Plantronics RIG Review: An awesome Gaming Headphone

Plantronics RIG -15 The Plantronics RIG is a gaming headset that aims to straddle and blending the lines between gaming headphones and regular headphones. The RIG is something of a hybrid or headset. One that comes with over-the-ear 40mm drivers and can be used on home consoles like the Xbox 360 & PS3, as well as mobile device sand of course PC. Yes there are many headset that can do that, but what makes the RIG different is the addition of the MIXR. This my friend is where the true genius lies, the MIXR for the RIG is an all purpose hub that allows you gaming console or PC and mobile device be connected to your headset at the same time. What that means is that you can be gaming and receive a phone call at the same time, have a conversation desperately increase the volume of your call while decreasing the game volume.

The design element of the RIG MIXR allow for this. You have a master volume control knob on the outer dial, with two separate volume controls that are illuminated Blue for Mobile and orange for gaming. Plantronics RIG -16There is also a toggle switch for mic access between gaming and mobile. Plus you can mute the mic from the MIXR for both channels as well as three EQ profiles: Pure. Intensify. Seismic. All these helps  to provide a very robust and rich audio experience. Now the next question you are probably asking is how well do the headphones working gaming and listing to music. As you would expect from Plantronics, the audio is amazing in gaming sounds are crisp and clear with distinct levels to different aspects of your game i.e hearing footstep, sound locations and more. When it comes to listening to music, this doesn’t disappoint either, bass is rich and audio is clear. Plus you can take the headphones on the go with the mobile cord and it still works just great. Answering phones and talking on the mic without anyone knowing you are on a headset. My only gripes are the headphones are not noise isolating and does come with a carrying case. But overall, those little missteps don’t deter from the fact that this are a definite buy and well priced at $129.