Plantronics Rig Flex LX Review

RIG Flex LX (3)

The Rig Flex LX for the Xbox One  is part of the Rig line of gaming headset from Plantronics. So what does that mean, first off the audio quality is great from the Rig Flex LX headset with it s40mm drivers that are gamer tuned to give you full awareness of your surrounds as well as a robust audio compliment. Giving you the ability to clearly hear different sounds and audio cues that every gamer needs. What really makes the RIG Flex LX stand out is the new stereo headset adapter for your Xbox One. Which comes with a dual wheel control for your main volume plus game & chat.  As well as two 3.5mm ports; one for you RIG Flex LX headset and the audio for your smartphone to pipe in your own music. The best part is you can access those controls as well as built-in EQ on your controller with just one finger. It’s absolutely  fantastic.

Now priced at $129. this is a great headset for the Xbox One gamer and one I would fully recommend. For  more details check out our video review below.