Plantronics BackBeat Sense Review: Simply Awesome


Plantronics has made a name for themselves as been a pioneer in business and consumer grade audio. The BackBeat Sense is no exception, following in the footsteps of its older sibling the BackBeat Pro. These Bluetooth Headphones are packed with a host of features that would put any other wireless headphones to shame. From the superman hearing feature found on the BackBeat Pro. To the excellent Bluetooth range of 330ft  ( Class 1 Bluetooth 4.o). Built-in Smart Sensors automatically pause your music or media when you slip off the headphones, preserving battery life when they’re not being worn, then gently fading in when you put them back on. Intelligent pairing makes connecting and moving back and forth between devices fast and seamless; including pairing with two devices simultaneously. Whispered voice alerts provide important updates on battery life, connection status and more. Centralizing the headphones’ controls on one earcup makes the headphones easier to use and more intuitive, and battery life gets a serious boost with the ability to stream music and media for up to 18 hours on a single charge– in our use case its gone way past 24hrs and we are still using it.

The design of the BeakBeat Sense is one of style, elegance and simplicity; providing the user with something sleek yet easy to use. Now for the most important aspect, the audio. Plantronics didn’t rest their lures here either; the BackBeat sense is robust in sound with solid mids, good highs and well tuned lows. The Overall audio performance is great for the headphone sand one I would recommend. Why don’t you check out more on the new BackBeat Se4nse in our full video review below.

Video Review

  • Signature Plantronics audio and dynamic drivers create the optimal balance of rich bass, crisp highs, and natural midtones to let you enjoy your music to the full, and hear every detail in your media.
  • Advanced Class 1 Bluetooth lets you control up to two connected smartphones or tablets from up to 330ft/100m1 away – the length of a football field.
  • Dual mics enable HD Voice communication for clear calls or interactions with voice applications such as Siri™, Google Now, Cortana and Skype.
  • OpenMic™ technology for those times when you’ll occasionally need to hear the outside world. With OpenMic, you can do so with the touch of a button and without missing a beat.
  • Fold-flat earcups makes BackBeat SENSE easy to transport and store, and SENSE comes with a durable pouch with a handy pocket for charging and audio cables.

BackBeat SENSE will be available in two styles – Black/Espresso and White/Tan – and will be immediately available at authorized Plantronics retailers in the US including and T-Mobile. BackBeat SENSE will be available worldwide starting in August. MSRP for BackBeat SENSE is $179.99 USD, €179.99 EUR, £149.99 GBP. For more information, please visit