Plantronics BackBeat Go 2 Review

Plantronics BackBeat Go 2-5 Plantronics has always been known for the quality and value  of their audio equipment. From business oriented headsets to consumer grade Bluetooth devices, Plantronics has maintained a level of quality that it now brings to its newest consumer grade Bluetooth headset, the Backbeat GO 2.

Like its predecessor, the Backbeat Go 2 is a sports oriented, behind the head, Bluetooth headset that blurs the line between functionality and comfort. Improving upon its predecessor with the inclusion of the water resistant P2i technology, the Go 2 also sports Bluetooth 2.1 compatibility a researchable battery the allows for an advertised 4.5hrs of listen, 5hrs of talk and 10hrs of standby time.  Similar to its predecessor , there will be two models available at lunch, a white and black model.

Of particular note is the inclusion of the researchable battery case which is made of a kevlar like material which contains a battery, which can provide a couple of charges to the headset when needed. The rechargeable case will be available in the 99.99 USD package but will be lacking from the 79.99 packaging. The case will not be sold separately.

Overall, this sporty Bluetooth headset is amazingly light and unobtrusive during a morning run, or a workout at the gym. The P2i technology means that you wouldn’t be damaging this device with sweat or accidental water spillage.  If you’re looking for a lightweight sport Bluetooth headset with the ability to make and take calls, then you should definitely consider the Backbeat GO 2.