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PlanOn Docupen & Printstik Review


PlanOn’s Docupen extreme and Printstik are what you would describe as portable business utility devices. The idea of having a scanner and printer that can fit easily into a book bag or brief case makes for convenient and easy business transactions. At CES 2010 we got an opportunity to look at both the Docupen and PrintStik.  Here is Booredatwork’s full review of both units

SDC10619 SDC10620

As stated in the video review the Docupen and Printstik work as advertised. I especially liked the Docupen, which scanned material well and would be a valid business tool. The Printstik on the other hand did not perform up to par, as print quality from out test didn’t translate to the originally material. But on a fair not, the print result came from using the dedault settings function, and results will differ on other settings. In all in really like the Docupen Xtreme and think it will be come a very handy business tool, and the Printstik in future irritations will improve as well

SDC10616 SDC10625

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