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Perfecting the Passive Job Search

Some more job searching tips for you guys

Is your boss taking you for granted? Is business slowing around the office? You may not be ready to jump ship just yet, but you should start to explore other professional options. You need not engage in an all-out active job search. Rather, you can put out feelers in another way.

Follow these five steps to start your passive job search.

1. Post your resume online.

The easiest way to begin exploring your professional possibilities is to post your resume on Yahoo! HotJobs. By doing so, you’re letting thousands of recruiters, human resources professionals, and employment experts know what your unique qualifications are and that you’re interested in new opportunities.

Remember that your current employer might see your resume online, which may prompt your boss to give you a raise or a promotion if she’s worried that you’re going to jump ship. But you can also restrict searches of your resume, if you prefer.

2. Create an employer wish list.

Even if you’re not yet ready to leave your current job, there are probably other employers in which you’re interested. Create a comprehensive list of your dream employers. Research them on Yahoo! Finance. See if they show up on Fortune’s popular “Best Companies to Work For” list. Then, find out if these companies employ people with your skill set.

3. Enlist your network.

Now that you have a list of dream employers, make inquiries to people in your network. Lauren Milligan, owner of Resumayday (, a career management services firm, warns against being too casual when reaching out for assistance. “If you’re too casual, your network may not take your requests seriously,” she counsels.

Ask if they’ve ever worked for any of the companies, or if they know of any who does. Request contacts (at any level) for each organization.

4. Harness the power of informational interviews.

Informational interviews are a powerful tool for the passive job seeker. Because you’re not formally in the market for a new job, employers may welcome the opportunity to speak with you, as there is less pressure on both parties.

Career coach and resume expert Lauren Milligan believes informational interviews are a great way for any job seeker to gauge how attractive a candidate he is. Milligan says, “Near the end of the interview, ask, ‘Do you mind looking at my resume?’ Ask your interviewer to tell you what it’s lacking so you can make yourself more marketable in your industry.” Then, she says, “Find a way to acquire those skills or experiences while you still have your current job.”

5. Follow up.

Whatever the immediate outcome of your search, continue to follow up with everyone in your network.

Career coach Milligan says, “Reach out and keep the people who’ve offered advice in the loop. If you’ve heeded it, drop them a note saying, ‘I’ve taken your advice and I just want you to know you’ve been a big part of my success.’ Or better yet, pick up the phone. Thanking someone ensures that they’ll be there for you the next time you need help.”

Conversely, if you know you want (and are now qualified for) a job at an informational interviewer’s company, Milligan thinks you should ask for one. “Contact the person and say, ‘I’ve done x, y, and z. I would like to pursue a position at your company. Can I send you a resume?'” Don’t be afraid to be direct, she says. “You have to ask for the sale, so to speak. People rely on other folks to reach out, but the person on the other end has her own agenda. It can be a real time saver to just come out and ask for what you want.”

Via Yahoo Jobs

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