Paper by Facebook

20140204_090241 What is it? It is a much more visually friendly way to view your Facebook news feed. You can customize so that you can highlight what you really want to see, instead of having to scroll through lots of nonsense that you don’t care about. Those who were annoyed with Facebook Home will probably LOVE this app.

So far I have used it on the iPad and the iPad mini. It wasn’t available in the App Store when I checked, so we have included the link. Once you have downloaded the Paper app, it plays a lovely musical tutorial on the basic tips, which are pretty much just Swipe Up or Down. You then choose which Sections you like. That’s it! You are now ready to use Paper as your Facebook app of choice. My only peeve is that it is another iPad app that is Portrait only, so I need to flip it back and forth in order to use a Bluetooth keyboard.

How is it different? Your screen is now split in two, and fills the whole screen beautifully. The upper part is a photo montage of highlights from your news feed photo posts from friends. You can swipe left and right to scroll through at will. The bottom half of the screen are vertical tiles of updates, or articles. You can again swipe left or right to scroll. Tap on a tile to maximize it and fill your screen, swipe down to put it back in it’s place. Swipe down from the top of your screen to access your profile and settings, and access favorite pages. All the other favorite buttons are the same, such as friend requests, messages, notifications, and so on. Happy Scrolling!!!