Nokia Lumia 930 Review: Simple & Sweet

Nokia LUmia 930-4  In many way the Lumia 930 from Microsoft is the Nokia Lumia Icon which has been out for close to 6 months. To be clear in terms of hardware specs, both devices are identical down to its snapdragon 800 processor, 2GB of ram, 32GB internal storage, 5-inch 1080p display, 4 noise canceling mics and the 20MP rear camera. Where they differ is in LTE and GSM bandwidth support as well as the multitude of color variants provided for the Lumia 930.But  if you don’t live in the USA then this is new and fresh to you. 

Still the Lumia 930 is a refreshing device to hold. Yes I know its a carbon copy of the Icon, Yes I know I have seen this device before. But something about the device feels fresh new and dare I say very Nokia. The device runs Windows Phone 8.1 with Cyan update and it feels like a butter smooth experience, the 20MP camera is one second to one [Lumia 1020]. Plus the addition feature set of wireless charging adds to the already great batteryly of over 24hrs. This makes the Lumia 930 a solid buy for anyone looking for a device to matches any other with a simplistic take and stellar performance


Key Features
•Windows Phone 8.1 with live tiles and a world of apps
•Syncing content across screens via OneDrive
•Stunning photos with 20MP Pureview camera with OIS and ZEISS optics
•Immersive video experiences thanks to 4 mics and rich recording with surround sound
•Crystal-clear 5” Full HD OLED display
•Effortless charging thanks to built-in wireless charging
•Complete office on the go: MS Office
•Personal radio station: MixRadio