Nokia Lumia 920 camera test- Low light shots, Anti-Shake video & More

The Nokia Lumia 920 comes packed with an 8.7 megapixel Pureview camera that boost a lot of features and tech in it. From an uncanny ability to take crystal clear photos in low light, to a solid anti-shake feature that ensure your video capture stays steady even when bumped, in a vehicle or just walking down the street. We put all these through the test to see how well it fairs. The short answer here  this- the camera is awesome!!! But there are a few things we do have to go over in order to highlight the camera’s efficiency and performance

First off Focus Assist light- A lot of people have stated that this is a feature that the Nokia Lumia 920 uses to get great Photos. This is simply not true. Focus Assist Light is a feature that turns the light of your flash long enough for your camera lens to focus. You will see in the photos below and in the video that focus assist light isn’t flash as well as the camera does an excellent job taking low light picture.

Flash With Focus Assist

Flash with out Focus Assist







No Flash with Focus Assist







No Flash No Focus Assist







Comparison Shots of Bicycle

Nokia Lumia 920







Samsung Galaxy Note II







Finally the anti-shake feature; most smartphones claim to have anti-shake features that allow for smooth video recording. This is done digitally, with the Lumia 920 the 8.7 megapixel PureView camera is mounted within springs that act as shock absorbs to keep the camera lens steady. When faced with some impact or jolt while recording. What this does is create a steady almost seamless recording session with a smartphone camera that feels like a clean crisp Hollywood production shot.

I have said enough about the Lumia 920 camera. Why don’t you be the Judge and check out the video and pics