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Nokia Lumia 800 Coming to AT&T with LTE. Update- CES 2012 Launch

Word on the street via The Verge is that the Nokia Lumia 800 will be hitting AT&T but with LTE. Yes it  looks like AT&T is looking to increase its LTE range of smartphones with Nokia’ s Windows Phone device. A lot of speculations arose when Nokia decided to skip US launch this year. But it seems the Finish company wanted to tackle LTE head on in the states. As you know Windows Phone 7.5 mango is not LTE compliant. Though that could change with the Tango update or a specific Mango based update that includes LTE functionality. We do know the Nokia Lumia 710 is coming to T-Mobile. Lets hope it is packed with HSPA+ 42Mbps when it hits. And it stand to assume Verizon will be getting its own LTE variant of the Lumia 800 or maybe the rumored Nokia 900

The reports back up claims from Windows expert Paul Thurrott that Nokia will launch U.S. versions of its handsets in early 2012. Thurrott discussed Nokia’s plans during his Windows Weekly show with fellow Microsoft reporter Mary Jo Foley on November 3. “I have been told that we expect the Nokia U.S. plans to be announced at CES,” said Thurrott. Nokia is believed to be preparing an “Ace” Windows Phone that is similar to the Lumia 800 but features a 4.3-inch AMOLED display. Specifications of the device leaked in early October.
Tango is believed to be an interim release between Windows Phone 7.5 “Mango” and the next-generation of Windows Phone, currently codenamed “Apollo.” Windows Phone build 7.10.8200 was recently discovered in server side logs of a Windows Phone application. A screenshot, believed to be a Tango build, also leaked and demonstrated a new device search feature for Windows Phones. Microsoft’s chasis 2 specifications (Tango) will also include a 480×320 BlackBerry style design and LTE support. The software giant is expected to ship Windows Phone “Apollo” with 1280×720 resolution and dual core CPU support.

Via Winrumors

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