Nokia Drive Test on Lumia 800

Nokia  Drive is Nokia’s turn-by-turn GPS navigation answer on Windows Phone. It is only available to owners of Nokia Windows Phone devices the Nokia Lumia 800 and the Lumia 710. Simply put you can only get Nokia Drive on a Nokia Windows phone device . Nokia Drive is simple and easy to use.  When you open up the applications, it search for a GPS signal and connects to your location. the main screen shows you drive speed, and distance with a menu option button. Which reveals your navigation options; here you can switch from 2D to 3D maps, set destination, leave feedback , learn more on Nokia Drive and get deeper in the settings. with the settings, you can change Maps from Night and day colors, Show Landmarks, mange your own Maps, choose navigation voice, Change unit distance, Clear history and turn on or off location(GPS).

Nokia drive current doesn’t have setting to give you alternate driving routes or to look for routes with the shortest distance or avoiding tolls.  There are no terrain or satellite maps, Nor are there an Traffic settings. It also does have directions for walking distance.So it doesn’t have a lot of options. the question we asked in this video is how well does it work if your aims is to stomp it, as we tried in this video? Find out below