Nokia 1520 Smartcover accessory leaked as well as “Nokia Guru NFC Player

evleaks_lumia_1520 Twitter profile Evleaks (ever so accurate) has published the above image on the twitter, showing off some cases in black, red and white.

The shells themselves match what we’ve looked at previously with rumors and leaked images of the Lumia 1520. The “phablet,” sporting a massive 6-inch display will be unveiled tomorrow,


Next is the Nokia ‘Guru’, which was revealed by evleaks to be akin to an “iPod Shuffle with NFC” built in. Not much is none about the “Guru” other that it is an iPod Shuffle competitor and has NFC capabilities that may extend to turning your headphones into a wireless set.

Stay tuned to Booredatwork for hands-on video and live coverage feed of Nokia’s event today starting 3am EST