Nintendo DS2 to be Powered by the all might Tegra


Pc perspectives is reporting that the Successor to the DSi and for argument sake I will call it DS2, will be powered by an Nvidia Tegra chip. as cool as it sound. This seems highly doubtful., why? Nintendo has never used an Nvidia chip in any of its consoles or products. has a very good standing relationship with AMD and the makes of the ARM chips. Interesting non the less, the Tegra chip fits well into the functionality of the ds moving forward. PC perspective had this to say

Okay, according to various “sources” Nintendo has been showing off its next generation of handheld hardware to a select group of gamesbiz bigwigs at the recent GamesCom show. Hmmm, really?

Well, maybe. But let’s run with the rumours for a while…

By all accounts the new unit is built around Nvidia’s Tegra chipset, hence the new moniker – the Nintendo “TS” (Tegra System). The Tegra is appropriately described as a computer-on-a-chip in that it integrates many functions into one slender slice of silicon. It is specifically designed for mobile devices and is scheduled to power Microsoft’s Zune HD handheld later this year. In other words, it’d be the ideal foundation for a new generation of handheld consoles, assuming that Nintendo was ever in the market for such a thing. But moving on.
As the time passed by, Nintendo started to work on the successor of its handheld console with a debut planned for late 2010 [Tokyo Game Show?]. According to our confidential sources, Nintendo is going to use Tegra System-on-Chip processor for the successor of DS/DSi handheld console. Unlike the current design, nVidia offered a single-chip proposal to Nintendo, a company famous for keeping the hardware platform absolutely simple.

Very intriguing, but knowing Nintendo, we won’t know till at least 2010 fall. There is much more here