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Nintendo announces 3DS — the glasses-free 3D successor to the DS


Straight out of left field Nintendo just Announced a 3DS that does not require glasses. WOW!!!!!!

Seriously this is coming out of nowhere to me. Nintendo will fully unveil the device at E3 this year. Yep more long line for the Show. More as it Develops

Mre from Kotaku

At a Nintendo quarterly Q&A, the exec addressed the issue with the Asahi Shimbun, asserting that the reporter stated, “The graphics for the next DS will be highly detailed and it will contain a motion sensor, right?” Iwata claims he then replied, “Those things are naturally being required. But do you think it would sell with just that?” Iwata emphasized that this last part was left completely out.

It appears that the extra element Nintendo believed was necessary to really sell the DS successor is 3D.

Page 1

2010年3月23日 March 23, 2010

各 位 To whom

新携帯ゲーム機の発売に関して For the launch of a new handheld

任天堂株式会社(京都市南区、社長岩田聡)は、裸眼で 3D 映像によりゲームが楽しめる Nintendo Co., Ltd. (Minami-ku, Kyoto, Japan, Satoru Iwata, president) is a video by the naked eye you play 3D games

「ニンテンドー3 D S “Nintendo 3 D S

スリーディーエス Suridiesu

」 ”

(仮称)を、2011年3月期に発売い (Tentative), and in 2011 they released three quarter

たします。 Tashimasu.

「ニンテンドー3DS “Nintendo 3DS

スリーディーエス Suridiesu

」(仮称)は、2009年12月末時点での当社からの全世界向 “(Tentative name) is a way around the world in 2009 from 12 at the end of our

け連結販売台数が1億2500万台に上る「ニンテンドーDSシリーズ」の後継機となる Ke 2500 consolidated sales rise to 100 million units, “Nintendo DS Series” will be the successor of

新型の携帯型ゲーム機であり、ニンテンドーDSi を含むニンテンドーDSシリーズ用ソフ Is a new portable game consoles, including Nintendo DS Nintendo DSi Series software

トもお楽しみいただける互換機能も有しております。 We have also enjoy features compatible cart.

その他の詳細に関しましては、2010年6月15日からアメリカ合衆国のロサンゼル More details will be found in 2010 in the United States from June 15 Rosanzeru Sun

スで開催されますビデオゲーム展示会であるE3ショーにて発表予定です。 The exhibition will be held at Su video games will be announced at the E3 show

Nintendo Doc via Google translator.

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