Nice Guys Movie Review – Hilarious at every turn


If you told me the pairing of Russell Crowe & Ryan Gosling would make for a hilarious movie. I would have said, hell no!. But director Shane (lack  (of Iron Man 3 fame) found the winning formula that. The movie is hysterical and thoroughly engaging. The story goes as follows, Holland March (Ryan Gosling) is a down-on-his-luck private eye in 1977 Los Angeles. Jackson Healy (Russell Crowe) is a hired enforcer who hurts people for a living. Fate turns them into unlikely partners after a young woman named Amelia (Margaret Qualley) mysteriously disappears. Healy and March soon learn the hard way that other dangerous people are also looking for Amelia. Their investigation leads to some dark places as anyone else who gets involved in the case seems to wind up dead.

With that synopsis in tow a lot of craziness ensues, what makes this movie work is the chemistry of the three main characters of March, Healy & Holly March played by (Angourie Rice) really holds the movie together. The dialogue and timing are crisp and you get a sense that the paring of Crowe & Rosling really no how to work together. 

The movie goes from balanced to slightly ridiculous as you move from scene to scene; gladly director Shane Black had the right take for the movie, with solid pacing and proper interjection of humor to soften some of the edgier scenes. Also the increased use of Holly March as both a character ark tool & chemistry balance for both Russell Crowe & Ryan Gosling’s Character is welcomed and helps balance out a movie of two not so likable characters.

In all in really enjoyed Nice guys and its a movies I would go see again & do urge you to see it.

Rating 4 out 5.