New Beats Studios 2013 Review: More of the same

New Beats Studio 2013 (2) The Studio line of headphones have become a hip and fashion staple for anyone, wanting to be seen with headphones, as is traditional with Beats. The Studio line is meant to be bass heavy and appeal to audience that require such sound. Enter in the 2013 edition of the Beats Studio, with an all new redesigned look and feel; which I must commend. The New Beats Studio 2013 has a more polished and stream line look,; yes its still built out of plastic ( but much more durable material), still shinny and a finger print magnet. the earcups feel more comfortable and rest better around the ears. Now the new Beat Studios are built with ANC (Active Noise canceling) a feature from Beats that actually improves or increase the ANC as background noise gets louder.- yes it works quite well. They also decided to move away from traditional batteries to a built-in rechargeable battery like the Beats Mixr line, which last for 20 hrs and can be easily recharge via micrUSB.

Now on to whats most important, sound. Beats have talk about  that