New AT&T Next plans simplify upgrade plans

As the carrier with the best selection of smartphones, AT&T wants to make sure customers can get the latest and greatest with as few hurdles as possible. That’s why today we announced plans to simplify the process of getting a new phone.  We’re debuting AT&T Next Every Year and AT&T Next, two purchase options that let customers choose the fastest upgrade path or one with lower monthly payments.
  • Next Every Year is a 24-month finance process that lets customers upgrade to a new device every year (if they want to).
  • Next is a 30-month term with lower payments and upgrades after the traditional 24-month period.
On both plans, AT&T customers also can accelerate their upgrade path and/or lower their payments with optional device trade-ins and down payments.
These two options will replace the current four AT&T Next plans on June 8th….but as you’ll see, there’s really no change in flexibility.  As you’d expect, we remain open to customers who want to bring their own device or pay full price for their new smartphone.
I did the math just now and would point out that for folks who want to upgrade after one year, the new AT&T Next Every Year has them paying less than what we currently offer for 12-month upgraders ($325 vs. $390 for a device that retails for $650).  Also, it might help to know that the new AT&T Next has the same structure as the very popular AT&T Next 24; it just adds an optional down payment feature.
AT&T Simplifies Smartphone Purchase and Upgrade Options

AT&T is providing new and existing customers with simpler and more flexible ways to upgrade to a new smartphone.

We know you want flexibility and choices. With our new plans, we’re giving you the power to decide between lower monthly payments or the ability to upgrade to the latest smartphone sooner.

Starting June 9, AT&T will simplify the smartphone purchase experience from 4 installment options to 2 following1:

  • AT&T Next Every YearSM: Upgrade to a new device every year, with a 24-month financing program term.
  • AT&T Next®: Upgrade every 2 years, with a 30-month financing program term.

With the new options, consumers and businesses can reduce their monthly payments:

  • Device Trade-in: Customers who own their device, can trade it in and apply the value toward the new device cost in AT&T retail stores.
  • Down payment: Customers can put money down at the time of purchase to apply towards the new device cost.

Here’s how it works:

AT&T Next Every Year AT&T Next
Primary Benefit New device every year Lower monthly device payment
Upgrade Eligibility 12 monthly payments or 50% of retail device cost paid off and trade-in of eligible device 24 monthly payments or 80% of retail device cost paid off and trade-in of eligible device
Pay Off Phone 24 months 30 months

For well-qualified customers, an optional down payment at the time of purchase lets you get lower monthly payments by reducing the financed amount.

1 Req’s 24 or 30-mo. 0% APR installment agmt & elig. svc. Tax due at sale.  Down-payment may be reqd. If svc is cancelled, device balance is due. Upgrade req’s 50% or 80% payment of retail price, trade-in of financed device in good condition & elig. smartphone purch w/qual. svc. Deposit may be req’d. Fees, charges & restr’s apply.  Examples: $749.99 retail price (1) on AT&T Next is $0 down and $25/month or $225 down and $17.50/month; or (2) on AT&T Next Every Year is $0 down and $31.25/month or $225 down and $21.88/month.