Naim Mu-So Review Premium Audio

Naim Mu-So (4)

If you know anything about Naim Audio, then you probably own or drive a Bentley. But for most consumers out there; Naim Audio is not a household name. With the entry of the Mu-so Wireless Music System, Naim absolutely kills it in the audio department.  The Naim Mu-so is finely tuned by the company’s specialist engineers in England, its powerful audio brain delivers the most exceptional quality in sound, commanding 450 watts of power through six custom-designed speakers. The design simplicity from the Mu-so lends to an elegantly modeled home wireless speaker system that allows for various forms of connectivity. Stream music from a PC, Mac or network-attached storage in high-resolution ‘better than CD’ quality. Play to multiple Mu-so devices simultaneously via Airplay from iTunes or from another Naim streaming product master, Stream music from your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch or from iTunes. Pair with a Bluetooth device to instantly play your music as well. Also compatible with aptX for high-performance audio where supported by the device connecting to Mu-so and much more.

In terms of design, the wooden speaker cabinet is wrapped in a layer of anodized aluminum to provide a natural, distortion-free sound and the extruded aluminum heat sink maximizes thermal performance. It houses six 75-watt digital amplifiers, one for each of the six custom-designed speaker drivers, and delivers a total of 450 watts of power, giving you an absolutely outstanding listening experience from the Mu-so; sublime and soothing in every respect. You get a rich sense of audio fidelity, which isn’t something you describe but experience, and the bass mixture and sound resonance of the Naim Mu-so would make any audiophile smile keenly. The on board controls make listening to music easy and simple, as well as the supplied remote control. Where some work needs to be done is with the mobile app, which was at times difficult to use and sometimes unresponsive. Still it doesn’t take away from the listening experience the Naim Mu-so provides — one that brings a studio like auditory presence that is worth every penny.