Motorola SURFBOARD SBG6782 AC Gateway by ARRIS – Review

Motorola SURFboard SBG6782-AC Gateway -1 The Cable Modem market space for years has been dominated by Motorola with its Surfboard Brand, and that tradition continues with Arris, who 4 months ago bought over the cable modem division from Motorola. So since we know , the Cable Modem market has been firmly held by Motorola; then what makes the Surfboard SBG6782 AC Gateway special. Well short answer, a lot of things. This is a well crafted piece of tech that is both simple and very technical, it provides to basic function from a consumer perspective time of being a Modem (Docsis 3.0) as well as being a AC wireless router. That’s right it supports the latest and greatest wireless standards.

This all-in-one product maximizes you ISP speeds via a DOCSIS 3.0 Cable Modem equipped with 8 bonded downstream and 4 bonded upstream channels. Integrated 3×3 antenna array and dual concurrent radios with BeamForming provide the best Wi-Fi coverage ever seen. Whats also cool, is the support for MoCA, With MoCA technology, users can have digital multimedia where they want it, when they want it throughout the home with no interruptions or latency. The SBG6782-AC advanced feature set includes sophisticated, DOCSIS 3.0 channel bonding and best-in-class RF immunity, which delivers the speed that are built for Gigabit Internet. I know you probably don’t have that, unless you live in Kansas and have service from Google. But with max 343Mbps, this baby is future-proof as far as internet speeds are concerned. The setup process for  SBG6782-AC is as easy, first you have to call your ISP provider to add the modem to their network and you are good to go.

Motorola SURFboard SBG6782-AC Gateway -2

Your wireless access point for both 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz are listed on the box with passcodes. You can also setup Guest networks and change your password to your needs. This you have to do through the online portal, which I have to say is the best and easiest I have ever used. there are many things to like about the Surfboard SBG6782 AC Gateway by Arris and really and honestly nothing to dislike. I have had no issues with it and I have been hitting the max limits of my internet service which is 50Mbps down and 5Mbps up. With that aid for me this is a definite buy.