Mophie Powerstation 8X – “Charge everything!!!”



As reviewers, we are not the average device users. We chew through batteries like they were nickel metal hydride, joke, joke. An average day in my life means accessing at least 5-6 devices in one day. Charging solutions are a must, so they have to withstand a day in my life. Mophie continues to deliver with their Powerstation series. The Powerstation 8X brings me great joy!!!! Seriously I had to do my little techy happy dance.

The Powerstation 8X is a universal power solution, at a whopping 15,000 mAh of juice, or EIGHT TIMES the extra battery for your smartphone. Its outer casing is made of aluminum and is flat and sleek, so it has withstood my daily battle but also fit nicely into various messenger bags and pouches. The rest of the form factor is pretty simple. You have one button at the battery indicator, which can flash showing you how well it is charged, but also connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth. The rubber coated top edge has the charging port and two USB ports, one at standard speed, and one at super speed. A key point on that note is that you really can charge two devices at once, without losing juice on one or the other charge.

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At 15W high-speed, the Powerstation 8X will determine the optimum charging for your particular device. Pass-through charging is also crucial. This means that if you need to charge the 8X at the same time as your device, your smartphone or other device will charge first, and then charge the 8X. This is no ordinary charging solution. You also have the added support and analysis on the Mophie Power app. The app will not only tell you how full charged your device AND the Powerstation are charged via Bluetooth connection, but also has notifications and gives other helpful tips to conserve battery. At $149.95 it is worth it, and a valuable tool for you heavy users. Also available are bundles including Lightning Cables or Fast charge wall chargers.

15,000 mAh

Bluetooth monitoring

Aluminum construction

15W input output

Priority Charging

Micro USB cable included

Dimensions 7.24 x 4.18 x 0.48 in and Weight 13.60 oz.