Miggo DSLR Strap & Wrap

Miggo-3 Miggo is a different way of transporting you DSLR or Mirrorless camera around with out the use of a Camera case or bag.  It a simple system that practical turns their specifically designed camera strap into a wrap around case. that can also be around your neck or wrapped around you DSLR or Mirrorless for protection. When done shooting just wrap miggo around your camera to protect it from scratches and damage inside your personal bag. Now its doesn’t give the complete protect any expensive case would give. but it does allo wfor quick access easy of use and some protection on your camera on the road. Check it out and order one today

Main features:


  • Serves as a camera strap which morphs into a compact and padded camera carrier.
  • Made from energy-absorbing Neoprene and soft Lycra materials
  • Comes in 7 different colors or patterns
  • Modular adaptor method makes it suitable for most cameras
  • Multipurpose steel screw serves as a secure connector, and also allows you to connect to a tripod while miggo is attached
  • Hidden inner pocket for lens cap
  • High quality miggo branded zipper
  • Compatible with almost all of today’s small-medium DSLRs on the market, and a wide range of lenses