Microsoft Wedge Mobile Keyboard Review

IMAG0831 Microsoft is well known for crafting some very sleek and durable keyboard,  and the new ultraslim Microsoft Wedge Mobile Keyboard is no exception. It brings full-size keyboard comfort, efficiency and speed to a tablet. Designed specifically for tablet users, Wedge Mobile Keyboard includes some of the most commonly used features, such as Windows Hot Keys and built-in media keys.The lightweight design makes it easy to carry, and its full-sized keyset provides a comfortable experience that makes typing a breeze. Its durable cover not only helps protect your keyboard from scratches but also quickly converts into a tablet stand. When you’re done using it, simply snap the cover back on the keyboard to power it down before you stash it in your bag.Bluetooth technology lets you wirelessly connect to your tablet without a cable or transceiver.

the Microsoft Wedge Mobile Keyboard, does an outstanding job and is easy to use, Bluetooth syncing is a breeze and the cover/stand is a sweet little additive to have as a tablet owner. At $79.99 , the wedge Mobile Keyboard is a great accessory to add to you tablet line up  be it Android, iPad or Windows 8.