Microsoft Surface 2 Review: Just the right Finish

Microsoft Surface 2 Review-11 Much was said about the first Surface when it was release. I will have to state we love and still one the Original Surface pro. But we are talking about the Surface 2 here, the successor to the Surface RT. What we have here is a tablet that really takes things forward on all aspects, with the hardware and software. First of it runs Windows 8.1 and hat is awesome in every respect and that brings a lot to the table. Then you have a lot of cool freebies that Microsoft packs in to make the $449 price tag very enticing for the surface 2. The Surface 2 comes with 200GB of Skydrive storage, yes I said 200 GB of free online storage for 2 years. Seriously that is huge, no other company offers that much free storage, Plus you also get full office Microsoft Surface 2 Review-17suite for free. I think personally that sells the Surface 2. But you really can’t sell a device on services alone; which is why the Surface 2 packs a whole lot in the specs department. Starting with its 1080p 10.6-inch Clear Type display that is vibrant and crisp; which is powered by a Tegra 4 processor with 2 GB of ram which brings all around better performance and increased battery life of up to 10hrs. You have also got a greatly improved front-facing camera at 3.5MP that handles video calling very well independent of lighting situations, and a 5MP camera in the rear. The design of the Surface to has changed much but you do now have an all White Magnesium back finish that look very nice.

What Microsoft has done with the Surface 3 is add a lot of little nice refinements that really push the way you use the table. One that really is interesting is the dual kick stand, serious the extra kick stand layer really goes a long way in making the tablet so much more usable and productive. I remember when Surface Corporate VP Panos Panay stated the added the kick stand 2nd stage for people taller than 5ft 10′ to give a better viewing angle. I could care if that was true or not but I do support the addition as it worked excellently for me. Now if you couple that with the new Type cover 2 keyboard, you really get a solid pseudo-laptop experience that takes the Surface 2 to a whole other level. Which brings me to the productivity aspect. Now we know it has office built-in and this is just some little office app. You get the full office experience, letting your create, edited and share documents, power point slides, excel spreads and more with easy and that really rocks. It may sound a bit silly to get excited about office. But it nice to know I don’t have to switch to my laptop if I get an email with a document to edit. There really is a lot to like about the Surface 2 and there are some draw back too. Like the app selection, which is growing but that isn’t a Surface problem but rather a Windows one and you do have a very capable browser that fits your needs with excellent multitasking. I will round by saying Microsoft has done a hell of a job on the Surface 2 and shows that you don’t need to do a whole garage overhaul to improve a product, but just the addition of the right finish gets the job done. So for me the surface is a solid by well spent.