Michele Hybrid Smartwatch Review!

Ok I admit it, I have a slight obsession for the color Rose Gold. How fitting that I had the chance to review the new Rose Gold Michele Connected Hybrid Smartwatch. There is something classic and timeless about the color.  I still remember scouring swap-meets with my dad looking for vintage watches, some of which had Rose Gold detail and I just fell in love. Years later, I still have some of those! To top it off, I would lean toward the men’s styles rather than the smaller, dainty womens’ watches. So this beauty by Michele by Fossil really pulled at my heartstrings. I’ve tried a few smart watches, but really haven’t cared for them enough to wear regularly. YES I care about fitness tracking and sleep monitoring, but would still often forget to wear them. That was definitely not the case with this watch. The color combination fit right in with any outfit, and I received quite a few compliments on my new bling. This is no trendy, fly by night look, but rather a classy and stunning one.
How can you go wrong with the mechanics of this watch, coming straight from Fossil? At first glance, it appears to be a standard watch, made of stainless Steele, with an analog face. It has Rose Gold plated housing and accents, and the Grey Sunray face as the background. The “coin-edge” bezel reminded me of divers watch controls. The wrist band is grey alligator on the top side. Underneath the band is lined with a blush, textured silicone layer that is easy to clean and comfortable to wear. I only had a slight mark on my wrist after having not worn a watch for so long. Old fashioned looking buttons on the side are customized to your liking, instead of being used to wind up the watch, etc.

Now onto the technology. Pairing to my smartphone was very easy, which then updated the time on the watch automatically. From the app you can set your step and sleep goals choose what notifications you would like, and assign functions. Let’s cut to the chase. The two options that I immediately fell in love with were the remote shutter (which i assigned to the middle button OF COURSE for selfies) and dual time zone to quickly swap to Hawaii time. The only snag that I came across was when I removed the watch to do the dishes one night. I left the watch on the table for a few hours, and then put it back on to go to sleep and look forward to my sleep tracking results. Well the next morning, it had calculated the inactive time sitting on the table as hours of sleep. However, I only saw this happen once.
Fitness Tracking
Mobile alerts
Haptic Vibrations
Customized buttons
Sleep Tracking
Music control
Remote Shutter
Stainless Steele
Swiss Quartz
Rose Gold plated frame
Water Resistand – up to 50 meters
If you are looking for the right blend of technology and timeless style, the Michele Hybrid watch is just perfect for you. Keep up to date, healthy, yet still maintain that old school flair at a reasonable $495.