Master & Dynamic ME05 Eearphones. A Class in Sound


Earphones are an interesting segment when it comes to listen to audio, quality various drastically from earphones to earphones and price is the main differentiation fact for getting best quality. Usually at not so friendly  consumer levels. Well this review is about an earphone, one that has won me over with both style and function at a relatively friendly consumer price. The Master & Dynamic ME05 earphones have a sense of pride crafted into them. Based here in NYC you really get the feel this is something created to stand apart and not just be another pair of earphones. Now if you don’t know anything about Master & Dynamic then the ME05 might be a great place to start, a well-balanced pair of in-ear headphones that are made with a brass body that encases 8mm Neodymium High-Performance Drivers with an impedance 16 ohms and weighing in at just 21g. Light weight and ease on your ears.  You have got tangle resistant rubber cables with oxygen-free copper; which ensure you listening is not disturbed by cable interference, which works well but I personally am a sucker for braided cables.

Now when it comes to the accessories that come with the ME05, Master & Dynamic spared no expense here.  You have got a soft carry pouch to store the ME05 when not in use, a polishing cloth , aluminum clothing clip, silicone ear tips of various sizes, 2 replacement acoustic tuning nozzles ( which I can’t wait to tell you about) & an awesome large leather storage box. In essence Master & Dynamic gives you everything you need for and does with with style.

Now lets talk sound, the most important part of any headphone review and a part to which Master & Dynamic puts its signature to with the ME05. As I mentioned earlier and in the video review above, the ME05 comes with an acoustic filter. Which can easily be swapped in or out dependent on you listening needs. My personal preference were using the acoustic filter, which help isolate instruments to a certain degree on track and while elevating the vocals.

With or without the acoustic filters the ME05 earphones are very balanced; with excellent tuning on the mids. So when listening to tracks from say Muse with their talent jazz drummer, your mids don’t stray into oblivion but stay checked and in-tune. The highs are well balanced as well, with lows feeling a little bit round but clean. When listening to multiple albums or tracks from various artist and as you move from genre to genre the Master & Dynamic ME05 goes to work artfully navigating each track with easy and ensuring my ears stay focus on the music and nothing else.

It summary, I don’t think I have to tell you by now I love the ME05 from Master & Dynamic and recommending them won’t be difficult in any stretch. So if you are looking for a pair of earphones that bring music balance and style. Then the Master & Dynamic ME05 are for you and I suggest you pick up a pair right here.