Man of Steel 2 Possible title – Superman vs. Batman???

Batman-Vs-Superman Warmer Bros, rocked the comic and entertainment world, over the weekend by announcing that Batman will appear in Man of Steel 2, since Man of Steel has come to set the tones for DC’s cinematic universe. ComicBook is reporting that the are already in pre=production and have this quote from David Goyer himself.

“So the next film we’re making, we’re already in pre-production, comes out in summer of 2015 and it’s–we’re actually not sure whether the title is Superman vs. Batman or Batman vs. Superman but yes, it’s–that rematch, that combination, the two guys onscreen and that’s happening.”

The site also notes that Warner Bros. has registered the domain names,, and What do you think the film should be called?

The new Batman is yet to be cast, but Goyer is currently co-writing the story with director Zack Snyder. Production is expected to begin in 2014, with an anticipated release date in Summer 2015.Man of Steel stars Henry Cavill, Amy Adams, Laurence Fishburne and Diane Lane will return.

For me the Title Man of Steel 2- Worlds Finest!!! would work best. What do  you guys think?