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Make Your Hybrid,well….. A Hybrid

This is just to much, the extra tricking out of the hybrid with solar panels calls for some praise but now tell me how much more will it cost me?

You’re socially conscious. You drive a Prius, and you love that feeling of self-worth that it gives you. You especially love knowing that everyone else on the road knows how socially conscious you are. Well, now that hybrids like the Prius are getting more popular, it’s increasingly difficult to stand out as better than everyone else. It’s time to step it up a notch.

A California company called Solar Electric Vehicles can hook your Prius up with some sweet solar panels, increasing your gas mileage by 17% to 29%. It’ll make your Prius, Highlander, Rav4 EV, Escape, or Sprinter Hybrid even more of a hybrid, making you even more of a high-and-mighty environmentalist. Everybody wins! Or at least you do, and isn’t that what really counts?

Via Gizmodo

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