Mad Shoe Game By BooredFemme

IMG-20120515-00254 (2) Okay, call me a shopaholic all you want, but shoes bring me joy. I’ve been told by many that I have “Mad Shoe Game”. Ok I can live with that! What I refuse to do is break the bank by paying a lot, so yes I bargain shop (hey I rhyme). So here is my shoe-cycle, along with some event finds.

At the beginning of each season, I make myself go through a shoe overhaul (which makes quite a few friends happy for hand-me-downs), and try on Each and every pair. If I didn’t wear them at all, or can’t remember the last time I wore them, then they go away. There are a few exceptions. If they are so unique, and I can say I will wear them in the future, then they stay. Ummmmmmm…. Yes you guessed it…the main mission of this exercise is to get an inventory of what you have and what you will realistically wear, but the benefit is…you just made room for new fabulous shoes.
Who really NEEDS 100 pair of shoes? Well no one, but there are certain staples. You need work appropriate shoes if you are in a business or business casual setting. But what about the rest? weekend shoes, event shoes, walking shoes, etc. After working in retail for far too long, I realized that my flat feet couldn’t handle zero padding in the sole, nor an arch that’s too high. The answers to my comfort dilemma are “platform” and “wedge”, which seems pretty basic. Most will have rubber soles, and quite a lift off the pavement, giving me the excuse to say my feet are more cushioned (with the exception of wooden soles.)

The best benefit is they make me taller. Hey, I’m only 5’3″. Haha you thought I was taller, didn’t you?
Price is a factor with such an obsession, so be diligent. You can impulse buy, as long as there is a bargain, coupon, etc. I manage to DELETE shopping emails, unless it says a significant other % off. They have to be pretty impressive shoes for me to spend over $35. So after using coupon dollars on DSW, and one afternoon at Wrentham outlets, I found the following:

Sole addiction: fake cork wedge, acorn colors faux leather, with off-white stitching…..DSW $29 after coupon
Kenneth Cole: espadrille wedge…Kenneth Cole outlet $30….great everyday summer work shoe.
True Religion: black strapping wedge…Saks Fifth Avenue outlet $30

Jessica Simpson wins!…1. Beige patent leather, chunky sole, light and strappy
2. Tri-color platform sandal, fun colors, will brighten up any outfit
Vincent Camuto outlet 2 for $68!!!!!

I must go now, and plan my outfits around my new shoes…. Till next time!!!!!!