Mad Max: Fury Road Review- Perfect Noise


Mad Max: Fury Road is a pure adrenaline spectacular that leaves you in awe. Director George Miller has done something wonderful in this movie by taking us back in time to an area of action and practical stunts which keeps you entertained and helps tell the story of this movie. Mad Max: Fury Road Stars Tom Hardy as Mad Max & Charlize Theron has Furiosa, both characters are strong and are the glue to this movie. I have to say genius casting by director George Miller who brings his A-game to this movie. Mad Max: fury Road is raw, intelligent and understands the stakes and how to present it.

The Action, I mean the Action. it was pure visceral and practical; the effect that is were mostly practical. Which gave the movie a sense of anxiety and pure adrenaline that you just can’t get with VFX.  I don’t want to spoil much of the movie. But all I have to say it go see Mad Max: Fury Road; and for more insight check out our video review below.