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Lost- 2 Hr Season Finale

It’s season finale time! And yes the show that we all LOVE to hate and vice versa is finishing off Season 3 yet a thousand more cliff hangers I am sure. Although I have to admit, that they’ve gotten a little better about slowly revealing more “secrets’ of the island. They almost “Lost” (ha punn) me mid-season and almost gave up on them, but they pulled me back in. Now it’s a I just HAVE to know how it ends situation.. damn it! Will they get to the cell tower? Will Naomi’s so called rescue plan come for them? Will Sayed’s little ambush on the others succeed? Watch the second clip and Sayed’s little sacrifice seems a little unbelievable, what do you think?
here are soome clips… As usual I am going to plant my tush in front of that TV…

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