Logitech Win 8 RT/ Android Tablet Keyboard Review

Logitech Win 8 RT & Android Tablet Keyboard (10) Logitech is well known for its keyboard and computer accessories. So it is no different to find them making a combo packaged Keyboard built to work for Windows 8 RT and Android 3.0 & up tablets. The Logitech Tablet Keyboard ( so aptly named), is a lightweight, versatile, easygoing. This keyboard-and-stand combo is designed to travel easily, set up quickly and add a touch of convenience to all the places you use your Windows 8 or Android tablet.

The keyboard pairs easily with your Windows 8 or Android tablet over Bluetooth wireless and includes keys to help you navigate Windows 8, including a Start key, App Switching key, and direct access to the Search, Share, Devices and Settings charm functions. Use it on your desk, lap or anywhere within 30 feet of your tablet.

The best quality of the Logitech Tablet Keyboard is its ease of use and setup, battery life. Priced at $69.99 the Logitech Keyboard Tablet comes to fill a void in the Android and Windows 8 RT keyboard market with the company’s storied quality.