Logitech UE Boom Mini Review

Logitech UE Boom Mini-1 The Logitech UE Boom offers fantastic sound for a great price.

My first impression of this product was the packaging. Solid rectangular box, clear plastic showing the product inside… I just really liked it. Very attractive packaging, ideal shape for wrapping as a gift. This device looks like it’s going to put out some tin-sounding, no-bass having music-from-a-can sound. I had modest expectations for this thing from the start. I took it out, turned it on, and couldn’t believe my ears OR eyes.

Sitting in the middle of my kitchen table, this speaker looked like a lonely row boat in a sea of table. I hit the Bluetooth button and was immediately blown away. Pairing the device was as easy as pressing the Bluetooth button and putting my phone next to it. No hassle, no codes, no problems. The distance on the box says up to 50 feet, and when I tested it, I found it to be accurate. With a play time of 10 hours, I could easily charge this up at home, bring it to work and have great music in my office all day long, controlled right from my smart phone.

At $100, this makes a great gift for just about anyone with a smart phone or iPod who loves music, or just wants a fantastic speaker phone.

The textured rubber outside gives a decent grip on most surfaces, so if you want to bring it in the car, the dashboard may be an idea place to let it sit. The sturdy design makes for a lightweight product that doesn’t feel like it’s going to shatter if you accidentally drop it.

What’s better than one UE Boom Mini? TWO UE Boom Minis! You can get two of these speakers, and hook them up to the same device for music in two rooms, or just MORE music in one room!