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Lindsay Lohan- Drunk, plus her myspace fight!

lindsay passed out

Seems like she admitted herself into rehab again.. let’s hope that this will work out better this time round.. maybe she’ll make REALLY make it to 30 days sober for real.

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In addition… seems like Lindsay and Shanna Moakler are at it again. Shanna seemed to have some “kind” words of advice for Lindsay’s current behaviour. Not sure she is the best person to be giving advice given her past record.. but ya know.. everyone HAS to say something.
>Lindsay drunk
here’s her reply

im going to keep this simple and brief, like her career.

for someone who “doesn’t really think anything of it” sure had a mouth load to say. don’t blame “young hollywood” for your FUCKED UP relationships you old haggard. maybe if you fixed yourself up a little bit, you wouldnt be so jealous of others. you know, a nice face/breast lift, lost a couple pounds (40), got rid of the paris haircut, and found yourself a decent looking boytoy you wouldn’t be so depressed and feel the need to comment on other peoples lifes that you dont know.
p.s. your kids are ugly.

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