Libratone Loop Review

Libratone Loop-6 The Libratone Loop joins the Libratone family of awesome speakers systems; this is quality personified, from audio to build quality. The Libratone Loop is freedom of sound and versatile placement, wrapped in fine changeable Italian wool covers. Slim, stylish and wall-mountable, this circular beauty delivers attractive FullRoom audio on a variety of levels. So what makes this any different other any other speaker?

It starts off with their commitment to sound and the use of WiFi instead of Bluetooth. Yes this devices doesn’t have Bluetooth, which means you don’t get uncompressed wireless audio via Airplay or DLNA. Giving you a clean crisp with rich bass rich sound that fills up the whole room. What impresses me with the audio quality, is how the audio fills the room without sounding like an EQ cranked up volume experience. The experienced is complemented with the Libratone App for both Android and iOS, allows for seamless play from your smartphone straight to the Loop.

The other defining factor with the Loop is the  design and styling of the speakers,  with the Italian wool replaceable covers that come in different colors.  The shape its self also lends to its versatility; allowing for the speaker to be wall mounted or set  easily on a desk. On all aspects the Libratone Loop, doesn’t disappoint; with  solid audio, a sleek design and ease of use. Priced at $499, the Loop maybe deemed a bit expensive, but I can attest that this is an Audio purchase worth making..


  •  Duo stand and wall mount for flexible placement
  • PlayDirect™ eliminates need for a Wi-Fi access point
  • Wool cover you can change in less than a minute
  • AirPlay and DLNA support for wireless streaming