LG V30 vs Galaxy Note 8: Which should you buy???


Its hard decided which smartphone to get next, especially between the LG V30 & the Galaxy Note 8. Fear not we are here to help.

The LG V30 comes in at 6″ with a OLED display with thin Bezels. Also rocking a dual camera setup with a host of software functionality to take it to the next level. Powered by a snapdragon 835 process, 4GB ram+ 64GB storage. You have a device that is fueled buy a 3,300mAh battery & a lot to say about photography. Also not forgetting, its got a Quad-DAC for premium audio.

Now the Galaxy Note8 come sin at a whopping 6.4″ with a infinity display  that is bezels. Also rocking a dual camera setup, a first for Samsung. The Note8 comes with a snapdragon 835 as well with 6GB ram+ 64GB of storage: and of course the might S-pen with a new host of features