LG V10 Hands-on

LG V10 0-4

Today LG introduced a new smartphone that takes image capture to a whole new level with the V10. The LG V10 starts off with a snapdragon 808 with 4GB of ram. It comes with just 64GB of storage and up to 2TB microSD expansion. Seriously 64GB of internal storage is great, you know LG understands you will be shooting a lot of video. Now the device sis 5.7″ and comes with two display, the first is a 5.7″ QHD display with a 518ppi and a secondary ticker like display that is above the main display that also is 518ppi.  The Build quality of the LG V10 is up to military grade standard 810, which means it can withstand drops from 48 inches. Now LG also added two front facing cameras at 5MP for a wider angle shot at 120 degrees. The rear camera still packs the same features as the LG G4 with a 16MP shooter, laser focus and flash. the one new feature to the rear of the device is the all new fast fingerprint scan with is on the power button.

Now the new updated camera is where all the new features are located on this device. LG G4 had a very robust manual mode for it camera for taking stills. Now LG has added that to video mode for the V10 with the ability, with the ability to adjust the WB, macro, Exposure all on the fly while recording and even a mic adjust with a wind noise filter reduction.

The LG V10 packs in a lot of features. but we just  have to wait and see what LG has to offer with this device.