LG Nitro HD Review- HD with LTE speeds

The LG Nitro HD announced a week ago is the first 4G LTE device on AT&T to sport a 720p HD display. The Nitro HD sports a 4.5-inch “true” HD 1280 x 720 IPS display, powered by a dual-core 1.5GHz Qualcomm APQ8060 processor, its got a total of 20GB of storage and houses a 1.3 megapixel front facing camera and an 8 megapixel rear camera with LED flash that records at 1080p. Mind you the front facing camera can record a 720p too.

Design wise the LG Nitro HD deviates from the standard hard cornered LG devices like the LG Revolution. Its got rounded edges,  with a mesh back for a solid grip. The device is also light, as we have come to expect, 4G LTE devices tend to be bulky and have some weight to them; which is not the case with the LG Nitro HD. There are some design choices LG has added to the Nitro HD that differentiates it from other Android devices. Its only got 3 touch sensitive button with the search button available via long press n the menu button. Overall the hardware feels good, light and comfortable with a sturdy feel overall.


The Nitro HD runs Android 2.3.5 with LG UX overlay, there are benefits and disadvantages to it. Some of the disadvantage are occasional slow downs while switching between apps; even though the device house a dual –core processor you will notice some slow downs. On the up side there upsides to the software. its got a clean and easy to use camera app, smartshare is a great software piece from LG that allows you to connect to your network and stream or transfer content. Wi-Fi share is another software that allow you to create a wireless hotspot and share content within devices. You also have the added feature of been able to resize widgets on the home screen and the ability to take Screen shots on the device by holding down Power + Home at the same time.


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720p IPS HD Display

The main distinctive feature of the LG Nitro HD is its 720p display, which brings high definition from your big screen to the palm of your hands. It is hard to appreciate the quality of the display, by looking at screenshots or even viewing directly on the. The best way to enjoy the display is to view a movie on the screen. It looks gorgeous, just check out the video review about.


AT&T is new to the 4G LTE game, but it is making a lot of noise with devices like the Nitro, so far I have been getting some really ridiculous speeds of the device, upwards of 48Mbps at some point. though those super high-speeds could be due to the limited amount of AT&T customer have 4G LTE devices.

2011-12-13 01.15.12

1080p Camera Test

The LG Nitro HD has an 8 megapixel camera that records at 1080p. I can tell you from use the camera does a great job at record both audio and video. The audio quality is clear and video is crisp with out the constant shakiness you get from most Smartphone cameras. The 720p display makes for great viewing of video even while recording. i terms of taking pictures, this camera does a fantastic job of creating clean clear and crisp photos.


The LG Nitro HD is an interesting device, it sports a lovely display that adds a visual experience that has never been achieved. it is great for watching video, got a great camera and takes great stills. There are some issues to mention; like the battery life for the device is not great. You will be getting 8-10hrs with the device and also some slow downs while switching apps. Taking all that to account the LG Nitro HD does over a great deal to warrant a purchase, both with its 720P display and software addition with smartshare, wifi share and more. The LG Nitro HD isn’t perfect but it sure is a great device to own.