LG IPS277L-BN 27-inch IPS LED Monitor Review- “Gorgeous”

LG IPS277L-BN  monitor is a fantastic piece of hardware crafted by LG; this thin slim IPS LED display  provides a superb wide viewing angle without color shift, a shortcoming of conventional TN monitors wherein colors look different as a viewer’s perspective changes. An IPS panel display allows you to enjoy consistent images in true color from the front, side, below or virtually any angle. Connect and watch HD contents from your phone more easily with a micro HDMI cable, even without a PC. LG IPS monitor has an extremely low standard of deviation for response time of 5ms, allowing for the smooth viewing of action scenes, sports and video games. The consistent response time also allows you to watch videos or play games for a longer time while minimizing eye strain.  Photos look vibrant with the monitor and colors don’t look like reproductions. Video pop out with vivid clarity and smoothness. LG’s LED technology provides even greater control of brightness and delivers better contrast, amazing clarity and color detail, as well as greater energy efficiency compared to conventional LCD monitors. Priced at $349.99 the LG IPS277L-BN is a great IPS monitor and one worth picking up.

Tech Specs

  • Screen Size- 27″
  • Screen Size (Diagonal)- 27.0″
  • Panel Type- IPS-LED- 16:9
  • Aspect Ratio- 1920 x 1080
  • Resolution- 250
  • Brightness (cd/m2)- 5,000,000:1
  • Contrast Ratio (DFC)
  • Response Time- 5 ms
  • Viewing Angle- 178º/178º
  • Panel Surface- Anti-Glare, 3H
  • Plug & Play- Yes



  • D-Sub In
  • HDMI™ In
  • Headphone Out