LG G Pad 7.0 Review


The LG G Pad  7.0 offers sterling design, good specifications and at first glance, feels like a great device. Unboxing the LG G Pad, I didn’t expect much. It came in a relatively mundane white box, as many of LG’s products do. Inside lay a charger, micro-USB cable, instruction manual and an attached screen protector. Indeed, nothing felt polished about the packaging or presentation of the LG G Pad. The LG G Pad 8.3 offers a degree of quality that I’ve yet to see in comparable tablet designs.


  • Snapdragon 600, quad core clocked at 1.7GHz
  • 802.11 b/g/n dual-band (2.4 and 5GHz) wireless card
  • Bluetooth 4.0
  • 8.3-inch IPS 1920×1200 resolution screen with Gorilla Glass
  • microSD card slot
  • 4.9-megapixel 2560×1920 rear shooting camera
  • 1.2-megapixel 1280×960 front camera
  • 2 rear facing speakers
  • 4,600 mAh lithium-ion battery
  • Infrared Transmitter
  • A-GPS
  • Standard sensor suite

Overall, based on the specifications, the G Pad 7.0 offers pretty good value. The specifications of the much higher priced Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro beat it. Compared to the similarly priced Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0, you get a lot more of everything, except for a stylus and the potential for wireless data. Battery life on the LG G Pad is a mixed bag. In actual use, it provides standard longevity out of a tablet this size, however I should note that the G Pad’s idle battery performance was remarkable; leaving the tablet idle for extended periods didn’t put much of a dent in its battery life


  • High-quality build
  • Android 4.4
  • Good software
  • microSD card support
  • Fast and fluid interface
  • Good value
  • Great screen quality


  • Mediocre rear-facing camera
  • Average sound quality
  • Slightly above average battery life: I get about 7 hours of screen-on time before expending the battery during standard use, which includes mostly web browsing and gaming.

For those looking for an 7-inch tablet, the LG G Pad offers a blend of high quality construction, the latest version of Android, unique and highly effective software.The $279.99 price can do you no wrong when it comes to purchasing this tablet. Definitely a good buy for the price.