LG ET83 IPS 10 Point touchscreen Monitor Review

LG ET83 Touch Screen Monitor-7 LG ET 83 is LG’s first entry to Windows 8 touch capable monitors.  The LG ET83 Touch10 monitor provide new screens that can track up and respond to 10 simultaneous points allowing various multi-finger gestures. LG IPS Monitor features consistency and fewer changes in color temperature, it offers a color impression identical to that of the original image. LG IPS Monitor allows you to enjoy lifelike picture quality without any color shift whether you are standing or lying down. The LG ET83 supports FULL HD resolution (1080p) with a 1,000,000 :1 contrast ratio, 16:9 aspect ratio and a 5ms response time. In terms of ports the LG ET83 comes with two HDMI-in ports a D-Sub , headphone jack and a USB port(which is need to enable 10 finger touchscreen functionality with the monitor). The monitor controls are all navigated through touch sensitive buttons, which I am not a big fan off; but it works well. Allowing you to customize you brightness and contrast settings, as well as use preset visual settings, i.e vivid, cinema and so on to give you the best viewing pleasure of this monitor.

Let’s get to the meat of the matter here. This is a touchscreen monitor, that allows you to us all 10 fingers in manipulating the screen. First off it works very well, scrolling and selecting icons are very easy. As you will see in the  video review below, navigating Windows 8 Modern style UI or traditional desktop is simple and easy. Playing touch enabled games are also easy and precise with the monitor. In all i was pleased with the monitors performances and I do full recommend the LG ET83 touchscreen monitor, for anyone out the looking to full jump into the windows 8 experience. One on big gripe will probably br the $549.99 price tag, which can’t be helped.