LG EC9300 OLED Gaming Video

LG EC9300-26  The beauty about an OLED HDTV set is its true blacks & infinity Contrast and if you are gamer like me you will definitely appreciate those aspects of what the LG EC9300 brings to the table. I had promised some Gaming content on the 55EC9300; I have to apologize for my tardiness. I have been seriously enjoying this HDTV. As a gamer and lover of all things tech LG’s OLED really enhances your gaming experience with a clear view, great screen contrast, true blacks and just a vivid display of the Visuals from your gaming console. I could go on and on and on. But I rather show you how well it looks in the video below.

But before you jump in, here are a few thing to take not. Most of the gameplay was done at night to clearly show you the how the infinite contrast and true black highly gameplay. The video has gameplay footage from both the Xbox One TitanFall and Destiny on the PS4; with gameplay see with Game mode off the EC9300 display settings. Ok enough of that. Check out the video below as well as still images of gaming on the EC9300. Enjoy!!!