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LG BD690 network 3D Blu-ray Player Review



The LG BD690 network Blu-ray player, is LG’s top of the line network capable 3D Blu-ray player.the LG BD690 is a wireless network Blu-ray player, with DLNA capabilities, LG Apps, VOD on demand,  and of course 3D movie playback with a 250GB HDD.

I must apologize for the long video review which goes into details on all the capabilities and functions of the device. So with that said I am going to make this write-up short and sweet, with a break down for the different components of  the LG BD690.


DLNA/ Network connectivity

The DLNA capabilities of the LG BD690 is fantastic. It’s very easy to set up a wireless connection and connect to a home network. Playing video over the network is seamless for all video format with exception to choppy video play @1080p. But plays well @720p connected wired or over Wi-Fi.


LG Apps

Similar to the LG Smart TV upgrader in setup and functions, still very few apps available.

Premium VOD

Access to VOD on-demand services like, VUDU, YouTube, Amazon, Pandora, Google Maps… and more. Works as advertised and almost seamless.


Great to have that much on-board storage, for saving content, like photos, movies, music. Accessing content is easy, and can be stored on or transfer from the HDD through a USB flash driver or over the network.

Movie Play back and 3D

First off, you need a 3D HDTV or else you are not going to see an ounce of 3D.  3D does work and it looks great, simple slide you 3D Blu-ray disc in you are good to go. the visuals are crisp and the 3D effects look vivid and clear. Also upscales 2D Blu-ray movies to 3D





The LG BD690 is an awesome 3D Blu-Ray player, 3D is vivid, bright and clear and playback controls are simple and easy to use. The DLNA feature is a great additive and works like a champ. there are a few downsides to the device, for one the LG app store is still limited.  There is also 3 sec delay in action when using the remote, it s a little annoying but nothing you don’t get used to.

I call the LG BD690 is a definite buy, for all the features  sets with 250GB HDD, DLNA and Premium VOD, plus 3D works well and is vibrant and clear.


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