LG 65LA9700 UHDTV (4K resolution) Review: A glimpse of the Future

LG 65LA9700-1 4k TVs are coming and LG’s 65LA9700 is the company’s 2013 UHDTV offering, priced at $6,499 for the 65-inch and $4,499 for the 55-inch. The LG LA9700 comes in as a massive TV with massive resolution. 4K is something you really can’t explain, because its not like the massive jump from SD to HD. What 4K brings is the clarity of vision, everything is crisp in 4K, but in reverse regular HD does look dull on this TV set. A bit about the specs of this TV. Powered by a dual-core processor and LG’s SmartTV hub, the LA9700 comes with a magic remote and LG improved the sound quality of the new TVs by incorporating a unique, built-in, sliding speaker system that delivers an audio experience that’s on par with the Ultra HD TVs’ impressive 4K resolution. The LA9700 series  is the  first sets available to incorporate the new H.265 high efficiency video coding (HEVC) decoder, making these models forward-compatible if content providers begin to utilize this new standard for encoding broadcast or streaming content.


So how good is this it? Its very good!!! LG provided us with some 4K content to test out on the  LA9700, which you can check out in the video review below.  It is crisp, sharp clear and bold, it truly is Ultra definition. The a few things to complain about; yes I wish it were cheaper in price, plus there is no 4K content available yet for UHDTV sets. ( Netflix in the first quarter).  For many the LA9700 from LG maybe be out of their reach, but I suggest to stay tuned to what LG has to offer, because from what I see from the 65LA9700. I think LG has crafted a legitimate path to 4K bliss.