Lenovo Yoga Tablet review: An interesting prespective

Lenovo Yoga Tablet Review-6 The Lenovo Yoga Tablet comes in two Flavors or either an 8-inch model or a 10-inch model. The idea of the Yoga tablet, is to bring the success and function of multimodes from the Yoga Laptops into the tablet arena. Both modesl run on a 1.2Ghz MT8125 Quad Core processors with 16 GB capacity and feature Android 4.2. Also its equipped with Dolby audio, which provides the Yoga Tablet’s front-facing speakers  some very  a powerful surround sound experience through the device speakers and with headphones. the Yoga Tablets come in weighing in at 1.34 lbs. for the 10-in model and 0.88 lbs. for the 8-in model. They feature high-definition 1280 x 800 displays, a 5 MP auto focus rear camera plus an additional front camera, a micro SD expansion slot, allowing up to 64 GB of total storage, WiFi and a micro USB connection and Dolby DS1 for rich audio. Lenovo offers an optional Bluetooth keyboard for the 10-in model that functions as a cover and even wakes up the tablet when it’s removed and puts the tablet to sleep when it’s attached. Lenovo also offers a portfolio of services solutions for the Yoga Tablet including warranty extensions, upgrades and premium technical support. MSRP is $249 and $299

Final Thoughts

I like Lenovo’s approach here with the Yoga Tablet, by creating a device that has a functionality aspect to it. You can now use your tablet, on your lap almost as a traditional Laptop. Immediately I started thinking of the Yoga Tablet running windows 8.1—maybe wishful thinking. The other major aspect is the battery life, Lenovo claims 18hrs and I can attest to it beating that mark well on casual use. the Yoga Tablet conserve energy well and is great for  everyday use.

Yes there are some aspects to the device that could have been improved, like the display and the processor, but overall iI think when looking at the price point Lenovo was aiming for, the Yoga Tablet is a welcome addition and something a causal tablet user would enjoy picking up. I hope to see more improvement in a sophomore refresh and I think Lenovo has found a way to innovate a space that was getting saturated, with a new design concept.