Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon Touch 2014 Review

Lenovo X1 Carbon 2014 (6) We all have multiple aspects, we work, we play, we relax. We take on a different mindset for each situation. We want to feel comfortable in the board room, hold our own in when gaming at our couch against the stereotypical 13-year-old on CoD, or just sit in front of a vibrant screen to catch up on our favorite series.

The new Lenovo Carbon X1 touch fits into all the aforementioned situations. With looks that would turn heads while remaining unrepentantly corporate, this laptop delivers and updates the style conscious business design which began with its predecessor. For those who liked the original Carbon X1 but lamented to added bulk of the first Touch variant, you’d be pleased to know that the new 2014 Carbon X1 touch forgoes the bulk and is now thinner than its non Touch predecessor.

On the internals, not much has changed. The base units start out with a 4th generation intel core i5 clocking in at 2.6 ghz, 4GB of RAM, and an SSD of 128 GB. However, you do have the option of customization your machine with a processor upgrade to the 2.9ghz core i5 (+$100.00) or a 3.3 ghz i7 (+$270), 8GB or ram ($130) and a slew of SSD offerings up to 512 GB (+$400).

But don’t be mistaken, they are some game changers in this new iteration of the Carbon X1 namely the adaptive touch function keys, voice and gesture controls.

Adaptive touch Function keys are exactly what you might imagine, think of your F1 – F12 keys and imagine them changed depending on the current program in use.  This feature re-imagines function keys, making them intuitive and obvious while still providing an option of using the standard F1 – F12 layout.

On the other hand, the voice and gesture controls are on par with what you’ll expect from a growing technology, while still mostly hit or miss, in my experience, but its an obvious indication that Lenovo is looking forward and experimenting with what will be the next step in user / machine interaction.

Overall, the New Carbon X1 touch is a progression from last years touch model, offering new features, and a much more attractive styling (when considering last year’s Touch). At a starting price of $1200.00 it is not your budget PC, but for what it offers, and the its target market, the Carbon X1 remains a top contender for those hard-earned dollars.