Lenovo Miix Tablet Review

Lenovo Miix Tablet-2This is the Lenovo MiIx 10 tablet. This is a very light, slim Windows 8 tablet featuring a 10.1″ screen capable of 1,366X768 resolution, which for tablets these days is pretty typical.Being such a slim design, the Miix doesn’t allow for any full sized ports. There are no full sized USB ports, for example – Only Mini and Micro ports available. There is a micro USB port, which doubles as the connector for the keyboard designed for this tablet, but will work with any other micro USB cable. The device does come with a USB to Micro-USB adapter, but if you’re trying to connect a mouse, you only have the one port. You’ll be out of luck if you want the keyboard AND a mouse that isn’t Bluetooth.

The structure itself, being very thin and predominantly plastic, lacks the solid feel of an iPad or a Windows Surface. It doesn’t feel flimsy at all, but the thin lightweight feel can make you a little nervous.¬†Also with regard to the physicality of this device – there is no stand. If you don’t have the keyboard, you’re stuck holding this device. This may only bother me because I own a surface that has the stand built in, and I’m spoiled.

Forward facing 1-MP camera. One interesting thing about this is that you can use it for facial recognition, and the tablet also supports air-gestures – Which sort of seems like a waste to me given that it’s got a touch screen.Inside this device is a 1.8GZ Intel Atom processor and 2GB of integrated ram, which is also par for the tablet course.

By and large, the performance is what you’d expect from a consumer based tablet. Obviously you’re not going to be rendering buildings or anything. You’re not going to use this tablet to write your memoirs, design buildings, or even really create many documents. This is a consumer based product, and as such it’s going to be something with which you consume media, not create.

Where this tablet does shine is the battery test. Over seven hours of always-on performance, which would translate into at least a full day of “Normal use”.This tablet is going to run you anywhere from $450 to $500, and it does not come with any accessory other than the USB adapter and the power charger. There is a keyboard case available, but that’ll cost you another hundred bucks.

Aside from the battery life, if you’re going to spend this kind of money, you’re more likely going to be happier with a Surface.