Lenovo K91 55″ Smart TV Running Android 4.0

K91 55'3D_07

Lenovo is entering into the TV market with a 55” Smart TV Powered by android 4.0. Classic TV is delivered on a full HD 3D LED backlight latest generation panel with flicker free 3D viewing at 240Hz and SRS TruSurround. When Android 4.0 is launched, the TV becomes a fully integrated mobile internet device. WiFi connection allows fast access to the internet and the Lenovo Cloud. The K91 also boasts an integrated webcam for video conferencing and screen
sharing directly from the TV.

Smart UI. Innovative ‘Sandwich’ TV UI adds three major smart TV function: VOD, Internet apps and traditional TV
programs. With Voice control technology based on Cloud allows the user to tell the remote control what to do.

High quality VOD experience. To make VOD even simpler, recommended content and live movie trailers are
pushed to the UI based on user viewing history. Just one click reaches favorite content with 1080p picture quality
and fast loading time within 3 seconds. No word if this is coming state side but stay tuned

Open Apps Platform with High Performance. Leveraging Android 4.0 open platform and Lenovo developer
community, great customized TV apps are available. With powerful hardware, it can even play console
quality games with fantastic graphic effects.